Fintech & Insurtech Spanish Association is Born

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Fintech & Insurtech Spanish Association Is Born


  • Fintech & Insurtech Spanish Association has the support of more than 50 Fintech & Insurtech companies representing the large majority of the sector.
  • The Fintech & Insurtech companies are those that, through technology, are digitally innovating in the financial and insurance sectors. Today they have already been consolidated as an opportunity of transformation for these sectors.


Madrid – 23th of February of 2016. Fintech & Insurtech Spanish Association is born, which has already the support of more than 50 Fintech & Insurtech Spanish companies representing the large majority of the sector.

 The aim of the Association will be to create a favourable environment for development of Startups and Fintech & Insurtech companies in Spain, performing activities of discussion, communication and collaboration with the relevant organisms and agents of the system to strengthen its growth and ecosystem.

To this end, vertical groups will also be created in which there will be specialized coordinators who will represent the rest of companies of the Association. Moreover, an investigation area will be created for the elaboration of projects that facilitates the stimulation of the sector and allows sharing the good practices of the industry.

Among the companies that support this Association we highlight: Accurate Advisors,  Afterbanks,, Aplazame,, Axon Partners Group, Bankimia, Becash, besepa, bewa7er, bit2me,, La Bolsa Social,, Clluc, Darwinex, Digital Origin, Dinube, Ebury, Eurobits, Feel Capital,, Finametrix, Fintonic, Gocardless,, Housers, Iahorro, iAsesoria, Impok,  Inbonis, Indexa Capital, IQapla, Kotraders, Kuarix, MyTripleA, Patrimony,  Qubitia, Rastreator, SCI The World,, Sersan Sistemas, SetPay, Socios Inversores, Spotcap, Strands, TECHNOactivity, TechRules, The Crowd Angel,, Unience, Vdos, Web Financial Group, Wiquot and Zank.

At international level, the Association is closing some strategic partnerships with other referring Fintech Associations, among which we highlight the Mexican Fintech Association “Fintech México” that has given all its support. At international level it should also be emphasized the partnerships with the accelerator Blockchain Space inaugurated on the 18th of February.

Among the activities of the associates we highlight:

  • Brokers (Social Trading, Micro-trading)
  • Savings/Counselling (Wealth Management, Automatized Administrators, Algorithmic Trading, deposits)
  • Lending y credit (Mini-credits, Crowdlending, Lending Marketplace, p2p lending, factoring, debts, confirming, scoring)
  • Crowd Equity (projects crowdfunding, marketplaces)
  • Real state: (real state crowdfunding, Property Crowdfunding)
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Payments (Payments platforms, electronic trade, periodic payments, credit cards)
  • Currency (currence conversion, international transfers)
  • Blockchain/Bitcoin (Infrastructure, Bitcoin, Digital Assets)
  • Distribution of financial products (Banks 2.0, Buyers)
  • Manager Agency/Accounting (Accounting Software, Invoices, Financial Management)
  • Financial Structure (Bank Api, Users Data, Technology)
  • Insurtech (p2p Insurance, buyers)

Moreover, a link has been enabled to allow Spanish Fintech & Insurtech companies to register themselves online in the Association. Finally, a detail registry of the said is going to be created and will often be updated. We attach the infography with the logos of the members and partners.

The presentation of this Association will take place on the 2nd of March, at 18.00 h, in the Institute of Market Studies (Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles – IEB) (Calle de Alfonso XI, 6) where the board of directors and principal lines of action will be introduced.