UX Lead (IPF Digital)

AEFIBolsa de trabajo, Otros

This UX Lead role with some skill in design will be located in Madrid but integrate in an international team and reporting to Head of Products.

We are looking for a great portfolio, preferably from successful digital/mobile companies. Fluent English is a must and openness to ideas and test&learn is the key. A great senior team-member into our super powerful team


  • Analytical skills: Able to understand the customer data (customer behavior) and offer solutions to improve user experience.
  • You have empathy and you know how to identify needs from users and other departments.
  • You are collaborative, easy to work within a team.
  • You are able to work with people located outside your country.
  • You think out of the box.


  • 3 to 5 years in wireframing, conceptualization and rapid prototyping, (you can use the tool you feel more confident with) especially for mobile environments. UX copywriting is also needed; you are not going to define content but we like to see customer- oriented texts in the wireframes and prototypes so we know that our products are well understood. For final content you will work with Marketing department so both points of view (sales and user oriented) are taken into account.
  • 3 to 5 years in user research: We love to know what our customers think and how they behave so you will plan, conduct, execute and generate reports for all type of UX research tools like user tests, focus groups, surveys and interviews.
  • Experience in information architecture, needed for better understand user needs and create top-of-the line prototypes.
  • Attention to detail and taste for design: Having skills to design is not a must but it will be beneficial. You will not create designs on a regular basis but we want you to validate that the designs proposed by designers meet the requirements and, also,  it would be valuable that you can do simple designs to guide designers eventually.


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